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  Lessons Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Lesson    

When enrolling for lessons, you will receive a free introduction lesson! This fun introduction lesson gives pupils and teachers a chance to get to know each other, what lessons are like and what is to be achieved out of these lessons, e.g. exams, leisure, etc.

  LMC Lessons  
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In LMC, we run lessons for all ages, from Mondays-Saturdays. Our pupils range from age 4+, from beginners to experienced players, no matter what the age! Our lessons also include many instruments, such as, piano, strings, woodwind, brass, guitar, vocals, drums, and speech and drama!

There are different length of lessons available:

30 minutes, costing £17 per week

45 minutes, costing £25 per week

1 hour, costing £32 per week.

We offer a further discount for families taking more than one lesson a week, contact us for more information on this!

You can view our terms and conditions here: 

  Primary School Lessons:          Individual & Paired    

As well as providing musical tuition in our Centre in Lisburn, we also have our teachers who go out to local primary and secondary schools in and around the Lisburn area. Currently, we provide tuition in 20 schools!

Individual lessons are 30 minutes each for £15 or 20 minutes each for £10. Paired lessons are 20 minutes in total, and cost £5 for each student in this time.

Sheet Music for Piano
  External School Lessons:       Group  

In our schools, we provide group lessons, typically for guitarists. These lessons are 20 minutes and the cost for students in the group is £3.50 each.

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