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Girl Playing Guitar
The First Note


We have many students who use our facilities, from exam learning, to learning to play leisure pieces! We also have students who come to us for help to play in bands! The first note can be daunting, but many overcome their initial fear and thoroughly enjoy lessons throughout the year!

Teach In Harmony


All our teachers have great working partnerships, with great communication between each other. Our teachers and pupils also have a good communication line, where any learning problem, no matter how small, can be talked about and fixed with ease. Any queries or questions parents have regarding the music, are more than welcome to approach our teachers or head tutors also!

The Future Sounds Good


Our pupils progress steadily throughout their years of learning, with their future of playing sounding bright. We are very proud to encourage and support all our pupils with their future in music, because it will certainly sound good!

Naomi & James Parks
Director’s Notes 


Hello everyone! My name is Naomi, and I am a co-director of Lisburn Music Centre. I also teach piano, vocals and flute! Our co-director, James Parks, also my husband outside of work, runs the Centre alongside! James teaches piano and Head of our Brass Department! We look forward to hearing from you and watching you progress in your musical studies!

We’d love to hear from you - fill in our form to book your first lesson!

37 Railway Street | Lisburn, County Antrim | BT28 1XP | | Tel: (028) 9266 9103

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